Luffy Meets Lucci’s Group, One Piece Manga Spoiler 1068

Finally, spoilers for One Piece manga chapter 1068 have started to appear. Just like the previous chapter, this chapter has no battle scenes. However, there is important information that appears and there is also one tense scene.

Whereas in the previous chapter we found quite interesting facts about Ohara Island, the relationship between Vegapunk and Professor Clover and the reason why Dragon founded the Revolutionary Army.

Here are the Spoilers for One Piece Manga Chapter 1068

Spoiler Manga One Piece 1068

Chapter 1068 will have the title A Genius’ Dream. The title turns out to be a reference to the figure of Vegapunk and his dream to provide free energy to everyone around the world.

But the experiment that he did to realize his dream, brought Vegapunk to the shocking fact about the ancient mysterious energy source. The discovery of that shocking fact was the basic reason why the World Government wanted to finish off Vegapunk.

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The scene now moves to Shaka who is using other Seraphim, namely Seraphim Snake, Seraphim Hawk, and Seraphim Shark. In addition, Shaka also gave control of Seraphim to Sentomaru.

The scene moved again where this time Lucci’s group made it to Egghead island. When Lucci and his group arrived at Egghead, they were immediately confronted by Atlas and a fight ensued. Long story short he managed to defeat Atlas, now Luffy’s group and Lucci’s group are moving towards their respective directions.

Will Lucci and Luffy Fight Again?

Apakah Lucci Dan Luffy Akan Bertarung

Seeing the spoilers of chapter 1068 that mention that Lucci and Luffy are moving in their respective directions, it is likely that they will meet. It is likely that Lucci and Luffy’s fight will happen again.

Although Lucci had lost, but now that he was part of CP-0, of course his strength had increased as well.

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That’s a little information about One Piece manga chapter 1068 spoilers. After reading this article, what do you think, what mysterious power source did Vegapunk find that made him targeted by the World Government? Then don’t forget to always visit Dafunda.

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