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4 Reasons Why Boruto Anime Chooses to Go on Hiatus

Boruto: Naruto The Next Generation is an anime and manga series that tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki’s son Boruto. This series is a continuation of the Naruto series which has been very popular before. Recently, the official Naruto website announced that the Boruto anime will go on hiatus after the release of episode 293. Therefore, this time we will discuss the reasons why the Boruto anime is on hiatus.

The announcement about the hiatus of the Boruto anime was announced a few days ago, for Naruto and Boruto fans of course this is sad news, but there are some wibu or otaku who are even happy about this news.

Here’s Why Boruto Anime Chooses Hiatus

So why is the Boruto anime on hiatus? For those of you who want to know the reason why, you can see the full explanation below.

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1. The Animen Has Close to the Manga

Boruto Manga

The first reason is that the story in the Boruto anime is close to the manga. For those of you who don’t know, the Boruto manga is only released once a month, so you could say the Boruto manga only produces 12 chapters for 1 year.

As for the anime, it is released every week, a month alone can produce 4 episodes. Because of this, of course the Boruto manga is almost overtaken by the anime. Now to avoid this, it is quite natural that the Boruto anime is on hiatus to expand the distance with the manga.

2. Avoiding Original Episodes


The next reason is to avoid unnecessary original episodes. As we mentioned in the previous point, the Boruto manga is only released once a month, while the anime is released every week.

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Because of this, studios often make original episodes so that the storyline in the anime is not caught up. Indeed, Studio Pierrot usually always makes original episodes to close the gap, but because now the story distance is very close, and if they are desperate to make more original episodes, surely the Boruto anime storyline will be even more destroyed.

3. Prepare a Better Storyline

reasons Boruto anime hiatus

The next reason is to prepare a better storyline. For now the Boruto anime storyline, the village of Konoha is ready to compete with Code. It is likely that the first part of the Boruto anime is only until the beginning of the conflict with Code.

And the second part of the Boruto anime will open with a conflict between Konoha and Code. This conflict is included in one of the good arcs, because we can see Karma mode Boruto against Karma mode Code. Most likely Studio Pierrot did prepare a good story and graphics for this Arc so that Boruto’s rating could rise again.

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4. New Project for Naruto


The last reason is the new project for Naruto. So on the official Naruto website, not only is the announcement of the Boruto anime on hiatus, but the site also announces that there will be a new project for the 20th anniversary of the Naruto series.

Interestingly, the new project uses the Naruto logo, it is likely that Studio Pierrot is indeed while focusing on the project and temporarily stopping the Boruto anime, especially considering that Naruto is one of the big anime, which of course the Studio will put all their best results into this project.

This is an explanation of the reason why the Boruto anime hiatus. After reading this article and knowing the reasons, do you think Boruto’s hiatus is the right choice? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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