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5 Reasons Why Gojo Satoru is Overpowered in Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is an anime and manga series that tells the story of Jujutsu sorcerer fighting cursed creatures. Now among the sorcerer, there is one very overpowered character named Gojo Satoru. This time Dafunda would like to discuss the reasons why Gojo Satoru is so strong.

As always before entering into the discussion, we would like to inform you that this article takes information from existing sources. Still curious? Well, let’s get started.

Reason why Gojo Satoru is so Strong

1. Impenetrable Limitless Curse Technique

Teknik Kutukan Limitless Susah Ditembus
Impenetrable Limitless Curse Technique

The first reason is because Gojo Satoru’s Limitless curse technique is very difficult to break. So for those who don’t know or have forgotten, this technique allows the user to manipulate the dimensions of space by bringing the concept of Infinity into the real world.

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So simply put, Gojo can choose which dangerous objects he must hold. Sounds very powerful, but this one technique can still be penetrated with curse-neutralizing weapons such as the Inverted Spear of Heaven, Black Rope.

2. Never Run Out of Curse Energy

Tidak Pernah Kehabisan Energi Kutukan
Never Runs Out of Curse Energy

The next reason is because Gojo Satoru never runs out of curse energy. So for those of you who don’t know, every Jujutsu Magician and cursed creature must have curse energy.

Now this Curse Energy is quite similar to Chakra in Naruto. Because Gojo has Six Eyes, with Six Eyes he can make his curse energy expenditure zero.

3. Mastering the Reverse Curse Technique

Menguasi Teknik Kutukan Pembalik
Mastering the Reverse Curse Technique

The next reason is that Gojo Satoru mastered the reverse curse technique. For those who don’t know, the reversing curse technique is a technique that allows the user to heal the wounds he received.

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Well you can imagine, having a hard defense, curse energy that never runs out, then every time you are injured you can heal again. Not only that, Gojo also has Hollow Purple which can destroy large areas.

4. His Expansion Domain is Extremely Dangerous

Domain Expansion Miliknya Sangat Berbahaya
His Expansion Domain is Very Dangerous

Then Gojo Satoru has a dangerous Domain Expansion. Actually, all Domain Expansion is very dangerous, because every attack of the Domain user will definitely hit the target, and getting out of the Domain is difficult.

But Gojo’s is fairly special. The reason is that targets hit by Gojo’s Domain, will be forced to get an unlimited amount of information. Therefore, the target’s brain will be damaged and die instantly, even if it survives, it will take a very long time to recover.

5. Gojo Satoru Also Excels in Physical Strength

Gojo Satoru Juga Unggul Dalam Kekuatan Fisik
Gojo Satoru also excels in physical strength

Finally, Gojo Satoru has a strong physique. Now according to the information we got, when Gojo was in high school he faced Toji. We know that Toji has extraordinary physical strength.

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But the great thing is that Gojo was able to survive when fighting Toji, even though he was dying. Then when he first met Yuji who was possessed by Sukuna, Gojo was able to play Yuji who was possessed by Sukuna, even though we know Yuji has a strong physique.

These are some of the reasons why Gojo Satoru is so strong. Now after reading this article, what do you think? Then don’t forget to always visit Dafunda.

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