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Not as Strong as Other Clans, 5 Weakest Clans in Naruto Anime

As we know the Naruto series has many ninja clans with different powers. Usually the clans that we often see in the Naruto series are very strong, but make no mistake there are some clans that are not so strong, even the power they have is not so useful. Therefore, this time we will discuss the weakest clan in Naruto.

Aside from having useless powers, there are several factors that contribute to why the clan we are about to discuss is considered the weakest clan. Such as not having strong political influence or not having any wealth at all.

Here’s the Weakest Clan in Naruto Anime

So what clans are considered the weakest in Naruto? If you’re curious, you can check out the full list and discussion below.

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1. Klan Lee

The Lee Clan is the weakest clan in Naruto
Klan Lee|©Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot

First up is the Lee clan. Maybe some of you don’t know about this clan, of course that’s quite reasonable because so far the characters who come from the Lee clan are only Rock Lee.

Although Rock Lee is a strong shinobi, there are several reasons why the Lee clan can be considered weak. First, the Lee clan has no form of Ninjutsu, then the existence of the Lee clan is very thin,

2. Klan Wagarashi

Klan Wagarashi
Klan Wagarashi|©Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot

Next up is the Wagarashi clan. For those of you who have forgotten, this clan does not hesitate to use any means to get one step ahead of its rivals. It was also revealed that the Wagarashi clan did not hesitate to pay hitmen from Amegakure.

Seeing the actions of the Wagarashi clan who do not hesitate to pay hitmen, many people think that this clan is weak and cannot solve the problems they face with their own strength.

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3. Klan Wasabi

Klan Wasabi
Klan Wasabi|©Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot

Next is the Wasabi clan. Unlike the Wagarashi who are ready to be evil and cunning, the Wasabi clan is made up of good people. That the Wagarashi clan hired a hitman from Amegakure.

The reason why the Wasabi clan is considered weak is because they cannot overcome the problems that befall them. In addition, they prefer to defend rather than fight their enemies, and of course they also have to get help from outside parties.

4. Klan Kagetsu

Klan Kagetsu
Klan Kagetsu|©Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot

Then there is the Kagetsu clan. In the beginning, the Kagetsu clan was a group of farmers who did not have strong Jutsu at all. But it soon turned into a wealthy clan.

The change had a considerable impact on the clan members, almost all Kagetsu clan members became serious and somber. But after the Kagetsu clan leader faked his death, the clan members were reunited.

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5. Klan Iburi

Iburi Clan | the weakest clan in Naruto
Klan Iburi|©Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot

Last but not least is the Iburi clan. Unlike the previous clans who did not have Jutsu or could not Ninjutsu, this Iburi clan member actually has a unique Jutsu that turns his body into smoke.

Unfortunately, they cannot control this ability and it is very dangerous for them. Now to survive, the Iburi clan members decided to stay in the cave so as not to be exposed to the wind and rely on Orochimaru’s seal.

These are some of the weakest clans in the Naruto anime. After reading this article and seeing the list, who do you think is the weakest among them? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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