Theory Will Monkey D. Garp Betray the Navy?

As we know Garp is the father of Dragon and also Luffy’s grandfather, he is a Navy hero who once defeated Rocks D. Xebec. If we pay attention, Garp is one of the members of the sea who is better than other members. Therefore this time we will theorize whether Garp will betray the navy?

The navy actually has a duty to protect ordinary people, but in One Piece they protect the wrong people. Because of this, many people dislike the navy and the navy’s current path is different from the path Garp believes in.

Will Garp Betray the Navy?

Surely you must want to know, whether one day Garp will betray the navy or not. Therefore, you can see the full discussion below.

1. Move at will

Move at will|
Move at will|©Eiichiro Oda

As we mentioned earlier, Garp is one of the few members of the navy who has good morals. Because of this moral difference, sometimes Garp does not listen to orders from his superiors, he often acts according to his wishes.

And of course the actions that Garp chose were not just random, but he moved according to him well. This is evidenced by how he did not obey Kizaru’s orders. So in the previous chapter Kurohige had kidnapped Koby.

When Helmeppo was confused about who to ask for help to save Koby, Garp came and invited Helmeppo to help Koby. Even though Kizaru had previously ordered the entire fleet to attack Egghead Island, Garp preferred to help Koby.

2. Garp A Will of D

Garp A Will of Dgarp betrays navy
Garp A Will of D|©Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation

The next reason is because Garp is a will of D. As we know Tenryuubito or the sky dragon is hostile to the will of D, and Tenryuubito is the supreme leader of the navy.

Maybe now Garp doesn’t know that Tenryuubito is the enemy of his clan. But it is possible, after Garp finds out, maybe he will quit the navy and prefer to fight Tenryuubito. What’s more, Garp’s nature is indeed different from other navy members.

We can see this from the Reverie Arc where Garp treats all nobles the same, then he also openly protects fish people in the Arc, even though we know that Tenryuubito likes to make fish people their slaves.

3. The Moment That Made Garp Betray the Navy

Garp Betray the Navy
The Moment That Made Garp Betray the Navy|©Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation

Then what was the moment that made Garp betray the navy? Actually, there are many reasons that make Garp a traitor, starting from his morals that are different from other members of the navy.

Then he also openly dared to go against the Nobility or disobey Tenryuubito’s orders. But most likely Garp will betray the navy after he knows the true facts of the world and when his family is in danger.

4. Other Characters Who Might Betray

whether garp will betray
Other Characters Who Might Betray|©Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation

Other than Garp, will there be other characters who betray? There might be, especially since there are several in the navy whose morals are like Garp’s, such as Fujitaro, and Sengoku, Koby, Helmeppo and other S.W.O.R.D. members.

If Garp left the navy and told them why he left, they would probably follow his lead. Even if they don’t quit right away, they will certainly think first and find out the truth for themselves, and only then can they decide what to do next.

These are the theories about whether Garp will betray the navy? After reading this article, do you think Garp will indeed betray or not at all? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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