One Piece 1117 Manga Spoilers, Zoro vs Nusjuro

Here are the spoilers of One Piece 1117 manga, Zoro vs Nusjuro fight. Are you curious? Check the full story here.

In the previous chapter, chapter 1116, Vegapunk revealed information about Poneglyph. According to him, there are parties who know the true facts about the past but do not take any action. That party is Gol D Roger and his former crew members. In this article we will discuss One Piece 1117 manga spoilers.

One Piece is one of the most popular manga and anime in the world. The story follows the adventures of a group of pirates led by Luffy, a young man who aspires to become the Pirate King and find a legendary treasure called One Piece.

On their journey, they meet a variety of powerful and diverse characters, including members of their own crew who have unique skills. During their adventures, they face off against powerful enemies, encounter various obstacles, and uncover the mysteries of the One Piece world.

Here’s One Piece 1117 Manga Spoilers

This chapter begins with the reaction to Vegapunk’s message on Beehive Island. Next, the story moves to another region where the injured SWORD members begin to recover from their various wounds.


Tashigi was seen talking to Smoker about their condition. Smoker said that he would go to the hospital to check on their condition. In addition, the messages from Vegapunk’s broadcast continued.

The highlight of this chapter is a brief battle between Zoro and one of the Gorosei, Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro. During the fight, Nusjuro recognizes the Kitetsu sword used by Zoro.

At the same time, the other Gorosei on Egghead Island are facing a threat from giant robots that have managed to destroy most of their fleet. Vegapunk, through his message, gave special instructions to the person who had D in his name.

Furthermore, we can see the reactions shown by some characters such as Dragon, Sabo, Blackbeard, and others.

However, before Vegapunk could say his message the broadcast was abruptly cut off. This was due to an attack by the Gorosei on the ancient giant robots, so the broadcast had to end abruptly.

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