Gorosei Starts to Move, One Piece Manga Chapter 1073 Spoilers

Beberapa waktu yang lalu spoiler Manga One Piece chapter 1073 sudah beredar. Buat kalian yang ingin tau, langsung lihat disini yah.

Finally, spoilers for One Piece manga chapter 1073 have appeared. In the previous chapter, we found an interesting fact about Stussy, one of the CP-0 members who turned out to be a clone of Miss Bakkin. In addition, in chapter 1072 yesterday, we could see Vegapunk and Kuma’s flashback.

Then what happens in chapter 1073 later? For those of you who want to know what happens in chapter 1073, you can see the explanation below. But you need to remember, the information we share is still limited to spoilers.

One Piece Manga Chapter 1073 Spoilers

One Piece Manga Chapter 1073 Spoilers
Spoiler Manga One Piece Chapter 1073 |©Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation

According to the information we got, One Piece manga chapter 1073 will have the title Miss Buckingham Stussy. At the beginning of the chapter we will see Lucci who immediately attacks Stussy, but the attack misses and what Lucci attacked at that time was just an illusion.

Then Stussy uses a technique that can create illusions, when Lucci is focused on dealing with illusions, Stussy immediately attacks Lucci and bites him until he falls asleep like Kaku in the previous chapter.

In the previous chapter we saw Vegapunk who contacted someone when CP-0 attacked. Apparently the person Vegapunk contacted at that time and asked for help was Stussy, at first Vegapunk got an offer to join CP-0, but he mocked him instead.

Then the scene moved where Lilith and Edison came out of the Lab, when they came out S-Hawk immediately attacked, but was successfully held back by Zoro, then S-Shark also attacked, but was successfully held back by Sanji.

The scene moved to Sphinx Island where the Marines had arrived and they managed to capture Weevil. Long story short, Miss Bakkin asked Marco for help to save her son. Meanwhile, in the middle of the sea Kizaru was chatting with an old man. Apparently the old man brought by Kizaru and his troops was one of the Gorosei, Saint Jegarcia Saturunus.

This is the information about One Piece manga chapter 1073 spoilers. After reading this article, do you think one of the Gorosei, Saint Jegarcia Saturunus, will show his strength? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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