Shockingly, it was York who betrayed Vegapunk!

After a long wait, One Piece manga spoilers finally appeared. And in this spoiler, it is revealed that York betrayed Vegapunk.

After waiting long enough and guessing who the mysterious figure who betrayed Vegapunk was, Eiichiro Oda finally revealed the figure through the One Piece manga chapter 1078. So in the One Piece manga chapter 1078 spoilers, it is revealed that York has betrayed Vegapunk for his own purposes.

For those of you who haven’t read the manga, York is one of Vegapunk’s satellites. So with his cleverness, Vegapunk divides his desires into several parts and York is one of Vegapunk’s desires that represents gluttony.

York Betrays Vegapunk

So in the previous chapter, Shaka, one of the Vegapunk satellites, felt strange about the current condition of Egg Head Island. As we know, the satellite is a representative of Vegapunk, which means they have higher power to control Seraphim from Sentomaru or CP0.

York betrayed Vegapunk

In the previous chapter it was shown that Sentomaru or CP0 could not control Seraphim, which means that there is a higher authority that gives orders to Seraphim. If Vegapunk gave the order, of course he would not order Seraphim to attack the Straw Hat group.

But strangely, the Seraphim moved and attacked the Straw Hats group. Seeing this situation, Shaka began to get suspicious and felt that there was a traitor among them. And it was revealed that it was York who betrayed Vegapunk.

The reason why York betrayed Vegapunk and the other satellites was because York wanted to be part of Tenryuubito. York wanted to become Tenryuubito because he didn’t want to work and wanted to relax and laze around. To achieve this goal, York planned to eliminate Vegapunk and hand him over to Gorosei in exchange for making him a Tenryuubito.

York’s wish sounds both ridiculous and impossible, as he is a robot and Vegapunk is not Tenryuubito to begin with. Doflamingo used to be part of Tenryuubito after his family gave up the title. Then Doflamingo tried hard to become Tenryuubito again but could not.

It is likely that after he finishes off Vegapunk and the other satellites, the World Grovement will destroy York as it is considered dangerous.

These are the One Piece spoilers about York betraying Vegapunk. After reading this article and knowing that York is a traitor, what do you think of his actions? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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