5 Free 2022 World Cup Streaming Sites & Full Schedule

This time Dafunda will share information about the 2022 World Cup Streaming Sites Recommendations which are certainly very much sought after by football lovers. Football is one of the most popular sports in Indonesia.

So they don’t want to miss watching a football match, especially if it’s their favourite team or country. With the development of the internet that is increasingly modern, you can already watch football matches through football watching sites spread across the internet.

The world cup live streaming site is currently very difficult for us to find. The reason is that network problems or broadcasting rights are the main obstacle so that many football streaming websites have disbanded and also have to fold.

So you don’t miss a match from your favourite team or country. This time Dafunda will share recommendations for free 2022 World Cup Streaming Sites that you can try.

Free 2022 World Cup Streaming Sites

The inaugural match of the 2022 Qatar World Cup will begin with a match between the host national team of Qatar and the national team of Ecuador. Qatar national team vs Ecuador national team live stream will take place on Sunday 20 November 2022 starting at 23.00 WIB.

Here we present some of the current 2022 World Cup Free Streaming Sites. You should know that if you can’t access any of the following lists, use a VPN app to unblock them from your carrier.

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1. Kooora4life

This football watching site is available in Arabic. However, you will not be confused about how to access this site. Just by clicking on one of the links, you won’t miss your favourite team’s matches.

This KOOORA4LIVE site is very complete in showing football matches. Instead of being curious, just visit this link However, you still have to use a VPN to access it.

2. Rojadirecta

2022 World Cup Streaming Site-

The website is well known to football live streaming fans. There is a wide selection of channels that you can use, with video quality varying according to the internet speed you have.

Apart from showing football matches, this site also shows matches from other sports such as Tennis, Wrestling, Ice Hockey, Moto GP, Basketball, Volleyball, and also many other sports.

3. BeinMatch

The next site to watch the 2022 World Cup for free is To be able to access it, you need a VPN application. This site provides several links with video quality that you can choose from. Apart from that, you can also view highlights of completed matches.

4. Yalla-Shoot

Next is a legendary site or one that can be said to have existed for a long time. Yalla-Shoot will provide you with football matches in a quality that you can choose. There are also several channels available on this one ball watching site. In addition, there is also the last set of matches as well as the next fixtures.

5. KooraStream

Presents many football matches from various leagues around the world, especially the top 5 European leagues. The interface is also very pleasing to the eye with menus that make it easy for us to search for live 2022 World Cup matches.

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2022 World Cup Schedule

Group Phase

20. November 2022

  • 23.00 WIB – Qatar vs Ekuador (Grup A)

21 November 2022

  • 17.00 WIB – Senegal vs Belanda (Grup A)
  • 20.00 WIB – Inggris vs Iran (Grup B)

22 November 2022

  • 02.00 WIB – Amerika Serikat vs Wales (Grup B)
  • 17.00 WIB – Argentina vs Arab Saudi (Grup C)
  • 20.00 WIB – Denmark vs Tunisia (Grup D)
  • 23.00 WIB – Meksiko vs Polandia (Grup C)

23 November 2022

  • 02.00 WIB – Perancis vs Australia (Grup D)
  • 17.00 WIB – Maroko vs Kroasia (Grup F)
  • 20.00 WIB – Jerman vs Jepang (Grup E)
  • 23.00 WIB – Spanyol vs Kosta Rika (Grup E)

24 November 2022

  • 02.00 WIB – Belgia vs Kanada (Grup F)
  • 17.00 WIB – Swiss vs Kamerun (Grup G)
  • 20.00 WIB – Uruguay vs Korea Selatan (Grup H)
  • 23.00 WIB – Portugal vs Ghana (Grup H)

25 November 2022

  • 02.00 WIB – Brasil vs Serbia (Grup G)
  • 17.00 WIB – Wales vs Iran (Grup B)
  • 20.00 WIB – Qatar vs Senegal (Grup A)
  • 23.00 WIB – Belanda vs Ekuador (Grup A)

2022 World Cup Schedule

26 November 2022

  • 02.00 WIB – Inggris vs Amerika Serikat (Grup B)
  • 17.00 WIB – Tunisia vs Australia (Grup D)
  • 20.00 WIB – Polandia vs Arab Saudi (Grup C)
  • 23.00 WIB – Perancis vs Denmark (Grup D)

27 November 2022

  • 02.00 WIB – Argentina vs Meksiko (Grup C)
  • 17.00 WIB – Jepang vs Kosta Rika (Grup E)
  • 20.00 WIB – Belgia vs Maroko (Grup F)
  • 23.00 WIB – Kroasia vs Kanada (Grup F)
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28 November 2022

  • 02.00 WIB – Spanyol vs Jerman (Grup E)
  • 17.00 WIB – Kamerun vs Serbia (Grup G)
  • 20.00 WIB – Korea Selatan vs Ghana (Grup H)
  • 23.00 WIB – Brasil vs Swiss (Grup G)

29 November 2022

  • 02.00 WIB – Portugal vs Uruguay (Grup H)
  • 22.00 WIB – Ekuador vs Senegal (Grup A)
  • 22.00 WIB – Belanda vs Qatar (Grup A)

30 November 2022

  • 02.00 WIB – Wales vs Inggris (Grup B)
  • 02.00 WIB – Iran vs Amerika Serikat (Grup B)
  • 22.00 WIB – Australia vs Denmark (Grup D)
  • 22.00 WIB – Tunisia vs Perancis (Grup D)

1 December 2022

  • 02.00 WIB – Polandia vs Argentina (Grup C)
  • 02.00 WIB – Arab Saudi vs Meksiko (Grup C)
  • 22.00 WIB – Kroasia vs Belgia (Grup F)
  • 22.00 WIB – Kanada vs Maroko (Grup F)

2 December 2022

  • 02.00 WIB – Jepang vs Spanyol (Grup E)
  • 02.00 WIB – Kosta Rika vs Jerman (Grup E)
  • 22.00 WIB – Ghana vs Uruguay (Grup H)
  • 22.00 WIB – Korea Selatan vs Portugal (Grup H)

3 December 2022

  • 02.00 WIB – Serbia vs Swiss (Grup G)
  • 02.00 WIB – Kamerun vs Brasil (Grup G)

Well, that’s the Reliable Free 2022 World Cup Streaming Sites & Full Schedule that we recommend to you. For your information, if any of you are having trouble accessing any of the sites above, we recommend using a VPN application. Keep following Dafunda so as not to miss information and also other interesting content from us.

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