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10 Fun Facts About Kamala Khan, Marvel’s Muslim Superheroine

Here are 10 interesting facts about Marvel’s Muslim superheroine, Kamala Khan. As we know, the figure of Marvel superheroine, Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel, is now really booming. This is because the adaptation of her first streaming series, Ms. Marvel, is now airing on Disney Plus.

In the series, the one who plays her figure is Canadian actress of Pakistani descent, Iman Vellani.

And despite the controversies, so far, Ms. Marvel has been fun for me. In fact, as a man who is approaching the age of 4, when watching this series, I feel like I’m back to 15-16 years old again. It’s young, cheerful, and very contemporary.

Not to mention that Vellani’s figure and performance as Kamala is very cool. Well based on all these facts and hype. So now there is nothing wrong if I also take the initiative to discuss 10 interesting facts about Marvel’s top Muslim superheroine, aka Kamala Khan.

Now before starting, I remind you that these 10 facts are from ScreenRant. If so, let’s just start the discussion below.

1. The First Muslim Superhero to Have His Own Marvel Comic


The first interesting fact about Marvel’s Muslim superheroine Kamala Khan is that she is the first Muslim superhero to have her own Marvel comic. Or in other words, a headline.

Actually, long before the emergence of Kamala, several issues of Marvel comics have featured several Muslim characters. But on average, they are still supporting characters or even just passing through.

Now it was Kamala Khan who first featured Marvel’s Muslim superhero with her own comic (she became the main superhero figure). Her solo comic debut was Ms. Marvel #1 which was released in October 2014.

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2. First Appearance in Captain Marvel Comic

Kamala Khan First Appearance
Kamala Khan First Appearance

The second interesting fact about Marvel’s Muslim superheroine, Kamala Khan, is that before she had her own comic. Kamala actually made her debut in the Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers comic. Specifically, Captain Marvel #14 which was released in August 2013.

Khan in this debut only appears as a brief cameo character. In his page, he is seen looking at Carol who is protecting her location from her nemesis Yon-Rogg.

Now after witnessing Carol’s heroic actions, Kamala became a fan and inspired her to follow in Carol’s footsteps as a superheroine. Yes, basically, just like the main premise of the Disney Plus series.

3. Jersey City

Jersey City From Ms. Marvel Vol 4 1 001
Jersey City From Ms. Marvel Vol 4 1 001

In addition to her figure who is not 100% native American and Muslim. Another uniqueness of Kamala is that she is not from New York, USA. Instead, she is from Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.

And this was intentionally made so by the creator duo: Sana Amanat and G. Willow Wilson. Specifically, both of them were bored with the fact that most of Marvel’s top superheroes have their origins or domicile of operations in New York.

Now there is no denying that their decision is very appropriate. The reason is, this makes Kamala’s figure as a character look and feel fresher.

4. Youngest Avengers Member

1567280c3f1c65dfa96f830a459171a5 Avengers Team Graphic Novel
1567280c3f1c65dfa96f830a459171a5 Avengers Team Graphic Novel

After being a fan for so long, Kamala has finally officially become a member of Marvel’s top superhero Avengers. She joined the Avengers team after the top Marvel comic storyline event, Secret Wars (2015-2016).

Now when she joined the team, the Avengers after the event, Kamala joined some of her favorite superheroes as a child such as Iron Man and Vision. Also when she joined, Kamala became one of the youngest superheroine to join the team.

5. Joining the Team of Champions


Apart from the Avengers, Kamalah Khan is also a member of other Marvel superhero teams. Some of them are, Secret Warriors, Protectors, and New Avengers.

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However, the superhero team that is most famous for its figure is a team called Champions. Champions is basically Marvel’s teenage superhero group. This group was formed after the events of the top comic, Civil War II (2016).

Besides Kamala, the other members are: Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Nova (Sam Alexander), Hulk (Amadeus Cho), Viv Vision, and Mark Waid.

6. Has Different Superpowers Than Carol Danvers

Despite having the same superhero name and also being a Carol Danvers fangirl. But the fact is that Kamala has different origins and superpowers from her senior.

Well indeed, like Carol and other superheroes. Kamala has two basic powers such as: Superhuman Strength and Durability. However, what distinguishes Kamala is that she has a combination of 3 powers which are a combination of: Mister Fantastic, Ant-Man, and Wolverine.

In other words, he can lengthen and shorten his body parts, shrink or enlarge his body size, and can also heal his wounds instantly. Although for the latter, Wolverine is still far superior.

7. Has an Alien Costume

Ms Marvel Alien Costume
Ms Marvel Alien Costume

Besides having a costume made of fabric as usual. In fact, Kamala’s Ms. Marvel costume also has an alien version. Now the origin of this costume is that she got it after “traveling” in space.

But fortunately, his alien costume isn’t made from living symbiotes like Venom and Carnage’s. Instead, his costume is made from super-responsive nanotech technology developed by the Kree race.

As a result, this costume can immediately provide protection when there is danger attacking Kamala. In addition, uniquely when not under threat, the costume can also turn into a very stylish backpack.

8. She’s Basically an Inhuman

Ms Marvel Kamala Khan Inhuman Powers Origin Tease Episode 2 Sr
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan Inhuman Powers Origin Tease Episode 2 Sr

Yes, for those of you who are fanboys of the comic story, surely you really understand this point. But for those of you who don’t know, yes basically Kamala Khan is not a superhero or mutant.

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Instead, he is an Inhuman. Inhumans are a human race whose genes in their bodies are modified by the Kree race. Now one of the distinguishing characteristics between mutants and Inhumans is related to the time or age this Inhuman gets or activates his strength.

Specifically, the power of a mutant will be obtained or will only be active when the mutant has entered puberty (adolescence). Now based on this statement, it is not surprising that the female X-Men member, Jubilee, got her powers when she was just entering puberty.

Whereas Inhumans, only get or active their strength after the Inhuman goes through a process called, Terrigenesis.

9. Won the Hugo Award

680x400 A6e0a7b9dac5521b90d25bb73fac8d09773fa63b
680×400 A6e0a7b9dac5521b90d25bb73fac8d09773fa63b

The Hugo Award is basically a prestigious award for works of fiction or fantasy. Although video games are also entered for this award, the award is primarily for novels and comics.

And the Ms. Marvel comic successfully won this award in 2015. Specifically for the Best Graphic Story category. In addition, this comic series also successfully won the Joe Shuster Award for the Outstanding Artist category in the same year.

10. Barack Obama is a Ms. Marvel Fanboy

Now here’s an interesting fact about Kamala Khan that is the craziest. Yes, who would have thought that the former President of the United States, Barack Obama is also a fan of Ms. Marvel?

Yes, this was revealed when in March 2016, specifically the Women’s History Month appreciation and awards event that year. Obama invited his comic creator Sana Amanat.

According to the President who has Indonesian blood, Ms. Marvel is a very cool and very positive superhero comic. The reason is, in addition to being a very okay and positive role model figure for the younger generation and teenagers who read it.

Also this comic series successfully displays a positive image of Muslims in the United States. Okay guys. Those were 10 interesting facts from Kamala Khan. Hopefully the discussion is useful!

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