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5 Spider-Man Variants with Cosmic Powers

Spider-Man is one of the most famous superheroes. As a superhero with spider powers, Spider-Man has a variety of powers such as climbing walls without the help of tools and being able to cast webs. But what happens if Spider-Man has much greater powers? Therefore, this time we will discuss Spider-Man variants that have cosmic powers.

As we know, the Marvel series does have many multiverses. Each character in the multiverse has a different storyline so it is not surprising that there are other variants of characters whose fate is better than the main universe.

Spider-Man variants with cosmic powers

So what Spider-Man variants have managed to get cosmic powers in the Marvel series? For those of you who want to know, you can see the full list below.

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1. Peter Parker

Spider-Man variants cosmic powers

The first Spider-Man variant with cosmic powers is Peter Parker. So according to the story, this main Spider-Man got cosmic powers at the beginning of the Secret Wars story. At that time the Beyonder suddenly appeared and he was interested in pitting Superheroes and Supervillains.

He also created a special planet called Battleworld. At one moment Spider-Man managed to seize the power of the Beyonder for a while, although only briefly but Spider-Man had the feeling of being an omnipotent and omnipresent figure.

2. Miles Morales

Spider-Man variants cosmic powers

The next variant of Spider-Man who has cosmic powers is Miles Morales. What Peter Parker once experienced, apparently also experienced by Miles Morales where he got the cosmic power of Enigma Force when fighting Solus in Spider-Geddon.

The moment occurred when the Enigma Force saw the struggle of the Spider-Army trying to protect the multiverse. He also made Miles Captain Universe for a while. With these cosmic powers, Miles can fly, manipulate energy, matter and combine them with Venom Strike.

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3. Cosmic Spider-Man


The next variant of Spider-Man who has cosmic powers is Cosmic Spider-Man. Now from the name alone we can already imagine how strong this Spider-Man is. So according to the story, Spider-Man from this alternate universe must deal with Tri Sentinel.

When the fight happened, Peter Parker suddenly turned into Captain Universe in his universe. With his new powers and status, Spider-Man turns into Cosmic Spider-Man and gets the cosmic power of the Enigma Force.

4. Superior Spider-Man


Then there is Superior Spider-Man. Maybe many of you don’t know about this Spider-Man variant, of course this is not strange, because this variant is rarely told. According to the story Doc Ock managed to take over Peter Parker’s body.

When fighting the supervillain Terrax the Tamer, he managed to absorb Terrax the Tamer’s cosmic powers and transform Doc Ock into Superior Spider-Man. With this power Spider-Man can increase his strength to the level of Cosmic Level Threat.

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5. Spider Zombie


The last Spider-Man variant that has cosmic powers is Spider Zombie. So this Spider-Man from the Zombieverse managed to get cosmic powers. According to the story, this zombie version of Peter Parker managed to get great power from the Herald of Galactus after eating the Silver Surfer with other superheroes.

As a result of these powers, this Spider can time travel, fire energy blasts, teleport and more.

These are some of the Spider-Man variants that have cosmic powers. After reading this article and seeing the list, which variant do you think is the most powerful and dangerous? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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