Death Stone, Marvel’s Seventh Infinty Stone

After the movies Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, Infinty Stone became a figure known by many people, the cosmic stone was used by Thanos to eliminate half the population of the universe. Seeing this, we immediately know that Infinty Stone is a very dangerous cosmic stone. Speaking of Infinty Stone, this time we will discuss Death Stone, the seventh Infinity Stone in Marvel that you might not know.

There are six Infinty Stones that have appeared in the MCU, namely Space, Mind, Reality, Power, Soul, and Time. Each stone has the power according to its name, including the Death Stone. The power of the stone is related to its name.

The Origin of Death Stone in Marvel

Asal Mula Terciptanya Death Stone di Marvel
The Origin of Death Stone | Marvel Comics

First of all, we will discuss the beginning of the creation of Death Stone in Marvel. According to the story, Death Stone can exist because of Thanos who used his power to slaughter life on planet Xandar to realize his plan called Annihilation Wave.

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Because of this, one of the Xandar fighters named Anwen Bakian decided to become Nova to save his people. One of the ways he thought of was to race with Thanos looking for the Infinity Stone.

But unfortunately, despite getting help from his people, Anwen Bakian could only get the Reality Stone, while the rest was obtained by Thanos. Seeing this fact, Anwen Bakian had given up, but in the end he found a brilliant idea where he created the seventh Infinity Stone by using the Reality Stone.

The purpose of the Death Stone

Tujuan Death Stone Tercipta
The purpose of the Death Stone | Marvel Comics

So what is the purpose of Deah Stone? According to the story, Thanos, who already had 5 Infinty Stone, met Anwen Bakian, they immediately fought. Although Anwen Bakian has created armor using Reality Stone.

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But unfortunately he still lost, because Thanos was still superior in terms of strength and experience. Inevitably, Anwen handed over the fake Reality Stone to Thanos and without suspicion Thanos immediately attached the fake stone to the Infinity Gauntlet.

At that moment Anwen was happy because she had won, not long after when Thanos was about to control the Infinty Stone. Death Stone showed its true form and immediately turned Thanos’ body into dust.

Thanos can control the Death Stone?

Thanos Bisa Mengendalikan Death Stone?
Thanos Can Control the Death Stone? Marvel Comics

After finishing off Thanos, the Death Stone immediately disappeared for a very long time. But recently in Thor comic #29 which was released on December 7 yesterday. Death Stone reappears and it is told that Thor sees visions of the future.

The vision shows Thanos holding Mjolnir. Worse yet, Mjolnir is shielded by a black Infinity Stone that can summon an army of undead. Seeing this, many fans think that the Infinty Stone is the Death Stone, if indeed the stone is the Death Stone. That means Thanos has found a way to control the Death Stone.

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That’s the discussion about the origin of Death Stone, the seventh Infinty Stone in Marvel. After reading this article, which do you think is stronger, Death Stone or Infinty Stone? Then don’t forget to always visit Dafunda.

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