Origin and Power of Ghost Rider the Spirit Of Vengeance

Who doesn’t know this marvel superhero? Ghost Rider already started its first film in 2007. The origin of the ghost rider and the power of the ghost rider may still not be shown by a Johnny Blaze in the film.

Dafunda this time will discuss the origin of the ghost rider and the power he has.

Origin of Ghost Rider

origin of Ghost Rider

The origin of Ghost Rider is derived from a contract and curse given by Mephistopheles who is the king of demons and the ruler of hell. Maphistopheles offered a contract to Johnny Blaze whose father was ill with lung cancer. He made a pact with Johnny, his soul replaced with his father Barton’s health.

The next day Barton was cured of cancer, but Mephistopheles tricked Johnny. While Barton was participating in a motorcycle stunt show, he had an accident and died. The demon lord also reminded Johnny that his soul now belonged to the devil, and would be taken away when he wanted it sooner or later.

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Who is Johnny Blaze?

johnny blaze
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Johnathon “Johnny” Blaze is the son of Barton Blaze and Naomi Kale. Johnny is a honda freestyle expert who sold his soul to the devil. When Johnny’s father developed lung cancer, he was devastated.

One night, a stranger named Mephis came and offered to sell his soul in exchange for his father Barton’s health. One night he was possessed by an angel named Zarathos and became a Ghost Rider.

Who is Ghost Rider?

ghost rider
Spirit of Vengeance

Ghost Rider himself is an angel who possesses the Spirit of Vengeance possessed by the lust to punish wrongdoers and curse their souls. After Johnny Blaze managed to control the demon Ghost Rider, he was able to transform without having to wait for night or evil.

He has almost no emotions at all as he is consumed by the lust to punish the guilty. Therefore, he cares more about punishing the guilty than protecting others.

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Now that we know the origin of Ghost Rider, do you know his powers? The following Dafunda will discuss the complete list of Ghost Rider’s powers. Check out the following explanation.

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