Meet Wiccan and Hulkling, Marvel’s Most Iconic LGBT Superheroes

As we know, Marvel is one of the biggest franchises. As the biggest superhero franchise, Marvel certainly has a lot of characters and superhero groups in it. Speaking of Marvel superheroes, this time we will discuss Wiccan and Hulkling, members of Marvel’s iconic Young Avengers.

So some time ago, Marvel Comics made a stir because it raised issues that were considered uncommon among the public, one of which was sexual orientation disorder. Many Marvel characters are portrayed as same-sex lovers.


Here’s a discussion of Wiccan and Hulkling, Marvel’s LGBT Superheroes

Want to know the origin and powers of Wiccan and Hulkling, Marvel’s LGBT superheroes? Then you can see the full discussion below.

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1. Wiccan and Hulkling Origins

Wiccan and Hulking Origins
Wiccan Dan Hulkling | Marvel Comics

First we will discuss the origin of Wiccans and Hulking. So the character called Wiccan has the real name William Billy Kaplan, he is a mutant.

Wiccan was first introduced in Young Avengers #1, Billy is the eldest of three children born to Jeff Kaplan and Rebecca Kaplan. Billy and his partner Speed are believed to be the reincarnation of Scarlet Witch’s deceased twins.

Hulkling is the son of Mar-Vell and Skrull princess Anelle. According to the story, Anelle feared for her son’s safety, so she sent a servant to Earth to look for Mar-Vell.

The nanny brought Anelle’s child to Earth with her, but unfortunately the child’s father had died. She decided to raise the baby as her own, and named him Teddy Altman.

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2. Wiccan and Hulkling powers

Wiccan and Hulking Power
Wiccan And Hulkling | Marvel Comics

Next we will discuss Wiccan and Hulkling powers. As a mutant, Billy has various superpowers such as electrokinetic abilities with the same magical abilities as Scarlet Witch and also reality warping.

Meanwhile, Teddy or Hulkling has an ability where he has extraordinary shape-shifting abilities and increased strength and endurance.

3. The Beginning of the Wiccan Relationship with Hulkling

The Beginning of the Wiccan Relationship with Hulking
The Beginning of the Wiccan Relationship with Hulking | Marvel Comics

Next we will discuss the beginning of Wiccan’s relationship with Hulking. According to the story, after Billy’s magical abilities were awakened, he often visited Avengers Mansion to explain what happened to his body.

After the events she has experienced, she slowly begins to realize that she is the lost child of Scarlet Witch and Vision. Billy decided to join the Young Avengers.

As for Hulkling, he joined the Young Avengers after being recruited by Iron Lad. From there, Billy and Teddy’s friendship developed into something more special. Even the story of their relationship from the first date to finally getting married is told.

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That’s all about Wiccan and Hulkling, Marvel’s LGBT superhero couple. After reading this article, what do you think about this Wiccan and Hulking? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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