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Bandai Namco Shows Off Tekken 8’s New Gameplay Mechanics

After 7 years, Tekken 8 shows off its new gameplay mechanism that comes with various improvements to be the biggest fighting game.

After 7 years, Tekken 8 shows off its new gameplay mechanism that comes with various improvements. Now Bandai Namco has officially prepared Tekken 8 which has the potential to be the biggest fighting game in the future.

For those of you who don’t know, Tekken is the longest-running storyline in video games. As presented in the dialog at the end of Tekken 7, this new sequel will focus on the meeting between father and son, Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama.

Nina Williams’ New Look

One of the surprises that the developers shared was the reveal of the iconic character Nina Williams, who now appears with a cooler design. There is a noticeable difference compared to her design in Tekken 7, where Williams in the game is dressed up like a bride.

From the gameplay video, Nina still relies on typical Aikido fighting techniques and agile skills as an assassin, including using two pistols as a combo complement.

Tekken 8 will have a Story Mode as well as a Versus Mode. So far, Bandai Namco has only emphasized on visual quality such as increasingly detailed character models. The environment also comes more realistic for a more immersive battle intensity, to various effects to enliven the battle conditions.

Increasingly Realistic Visual Quality

Bandai also recently revealed the introduction of gameplay mechanics for the completely new Rage and Heat systems. The system this time is more adapted to follow the style of a more aggressive fighting style.

So players who dare to take risks will have more advantages when successfully executing consecutive combos. The rest of Tekken 8 also brings an overhaul of the visual side, which finally looks much more modern on various sides.

Bandai Nambo as the developer of Tekken 8 revealed that Tekken 8 will be coming to Next-Gen consoles. Tekken will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S platforms, and also comes to PC via Steam.

That certainly makes sense given the trailer’s stunning graphics. Next-gen consoles are expected to maintain the trailer’s stunning visuals when Tekken 8 is officially released.

That’s all the information about Tekken 8 New Gameplay Mechanics that we are interested in seeing. In order not to miss information and also other interesting content from us, make sure you stay tuned to Dafunda.

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