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Capcom Ready to Hold Street Fighter 6 Open Beta

Capcom recently announced that it will open the Open Beta stage of Street Fighter 6 for fans. Street Fighter 6 itself is a sequel to Street Fighter 5 which was released several years ago.

The developer officially introduced Street Fighter 6 which fans have been waiting for all this time. Street Fighter itself is certainly familiar to game lovers and players, especially for the fighting genre. 

The presence of Street Fighter 6 will mark the age of the franchise, which has reached the age of 35, since it was first released in 1987.

Ready to Hold Open Beta

Street Fighter 6 - Open Beta Announce Trailer

After skipping the beta stage, Capcom has officially announced that Street Fighter 6 will get an open beta stage from May 19 to May 22. This open beta will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC platforms.

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This Open Beta will feature eight characters that you can play as. There are also the following modes: Ranked Match, Casual Match, Battle Hub Match, Open Tournament, Extreme Battle, Game Center, and Training Mode.

In this open beta stage, players can try for free without the need for a lottery or invitation according to their respective platforms. In addition, Capcom has also made various improvements since the closed beta stage.

Stunning Graphics Upgrade

Street Fighter 6 - Demo Trailer

There are several details regarding the presence of this one game. As fans have come to expect, Capcom will be bringing quite a few graphical enhancements to the popular fighting game.

However, the teaser trailer that has been released does not show the gameplay that will be presented later. Along with this, the developer revealed that Street Fighter 6 has a more realistic appearance style than the previous series. 

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Capcom as the developer promises that Street Fighter 6 will be better than Street Fighter 5. This is both in terms of visuals, storyline, content, and also the number of problems (bugs) in the game.

Street Fighter 6 will feature real-time in-game commentary. Street Fighter 6 is coming to multiple platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC via Steam, and Xbox Series X on June 2, 2023.

That was the summary for the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta and also a little information about the presence of the game. So that you don’t miss information and also other interesting content from us, make sure you keep visiting Dafunda.

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