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5 Heroes to Counter Minsitthar Revamp in Mobile Legends

Counter Minsitthar Mobile Legends is currently being sought after by Mobile Legends players. The reason is, the hero has just been revamped by Moonton. Of course, if the hero has been revamped, it will become a hero that will be troublesome. That also applies to Minsitthar, which is said to be more OP now that it has been revamped.

Most likely, Minsitthar will be a Meta hero in season 28 of Mobile Legends. So, for that, you must be ready to fight it. Well, in this discussion, Dafunda will provide tips in the form of several heroes that are suitable for the Minsitthar counter.

Curious who the heroes are? Check out the full review below.

5 Hero Counter Minsitthar Mobile Legends


Counter minsitthar mobile legends
Akai | Moonton

The first hero that you can use to counter Minsitthar is Akai. Yep, since being revamped last year, Akai has become a very OP tank hero and often enters the meta every season. Akai is perfect to be used as a hero to stop Minsitthar who is now even more OP after being revamped.

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Minsitthar is a Fighter hero, but he is equipped with high defensive capabilities. Akai is also a hero with high defensive capabilities as well. The difference is that Akai has attack damage that hurts more than Minsitthar.


Counter minsitthar mobile legends
Diggie | Moonton

Next up is Diggie. This hero is already famous for countering many heroes in Mobile Legends. You can also make Diggie as a Minsitthar counter in Mobile Legends. As we know, after being revamped, Minsitthar is able to pull several heroes in one pull. Of course, that is very troublesome.

Well, this is where Diggie is useful, he has the ability to debuff to cancel the opponent’s skills. This is where you have the opportunity to defeat Minsitthar. All Minsitthar skills can be canceled by Diggie, shortly after that, you and your team can finish Minsitthar together.

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Chou | Hero Counter Minsitthar Mobile Legends

Counter minsitthar mobile legends
Chou | Moonton

The third hero is Chou. Chou is one of the heroes with very even CC abilities in each skill. This hero can escape any attack from enemy heroes, including from Minsitthar.

Next, you can perform multiple combos of Chou’s skills to take him down and finish him off. We recommend using a damage build to easily send Minsitthar back to base.


Kagura | Moonton

The fourth hero that is suitable to be a counter to Minsitthar Mobile Legends is Kagura. This mage hero has fast movement that can avoid every attack and CC effect from Minsitthar. Arguably, Kagura is an anti-CC hero in Mobile Legends.

Also, when it comes to damage, this hero cannot be underestimated. He is a mage hero with very high burst damage in Mobile Legends. Minsitthar must be careful with his attacks.

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Lunox | Moonton

For the last one, it is still from the Mage hero, Lunox. You can count on Lunox to be a counter hero to Minsitthar in Mobile Legends. He has an ultimate that will make him come out easily from Minsitthar’s ultimate. Not only that, this hero also has a pretty sick attack.

Thus the discussion about 5 Minsitthar counters in Mobile Legends. What do you think about this article? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Mobile Legends Tips from us.

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