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How to Make a Chest in Minecraft

Chest is a basic item in Minecraft. If you need a larger inventory, you can craft Chests. To make the item is very simple. You must know the chest recipe. This time, we will learn a tutorial on how to make a Chest in Minecraft.

So, let’s check out the ingredients needed and how to make them below.

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Chest Minecraft

Requires Materials

If you want to make this item, you will need to gather the following ingredients:

  • Wood Planks (8)

You can use any kind of Wooden Board including Oak, Spruce, Acacia, and others.

How to make a chest in Minecraft

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If you have all the materials, you can follow the instructions below. This is how to make a Chest in Minecraft.

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  1. Open Crafting Table

    First, you need to open the Crafting Table. As before, you will see a 3×3 square appear on the screen.Crafting Table

  2. Enter Ingredients

    After that, you have to place the ingredients on the crafting table. Place the items in the exact pattern as the recipe provided. You can see the image below for more information.

    Actually, you just need to put 8 Wood Planks in a circle inside and leave the centermost square empty. Or you can follow the instructions: Fill the first row with 3 Wood Planks. Then, leave the center square of the second row empty and fill the rest with 2 Wood Planks. Finally, you can fill the third row with 3 Wood Planks again.Cara Membuat Chest 2

  3. Chest Finish

    After that, the Chest you want will appear in the box to the right of the crafting table. So you can now use it to deviate more items.Chest Selesai

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So, that’s how to make a Chest in Minecraft. For those of you who want more Minecraft tutorials, you can click the button below.

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