What is Magic Penetration in Mobile Legends? Here’s the Full Explanation

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular Android games. As we know this one game has many heroes and items, considering this game has many heroes and items. These heroes and items have different effects and one of them is Magic Penetration. Speaking of Magic Penetration, this time we will discuss what is Magic Penetration in Mobile Legends?

If you have been playing Mobile Legends for a long time, you must already know what the function of Magic Penetration is, but if you are new to playing ML. Definitely confused and unfamiliar with the Magic Penetration.


Explanation of Magic Penetration in Mobile Legends

What is Magic Penetration in Mobile Legends
What is Magic Penetration in Mobile Legends | Moonton

If we translate it into Indonesian, Magic Penetration means penetration of magic abilities. Seeing from the name alone, we can already guess that this Mobile Legends attribute is used by Mage heroes to control their magic power.

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The function of Magic Penetration is to determine the amount of magic attack that can penetrate the opponent’s Magic Defense. Simply put, this Magic Pene attribute destroys or erodes the opponent’s magic defense.

In addition to Magic Penetration in ML there is also an attribute that attacks the opponent’s defense, namely Physical Penetration. As the name implies, Physical Penetration attacks or erodes the opponent’s physical defenses.

If you are still confused, Magic Penetration is useful against Magic Armor while Physical Penetration is useful against Physical Armor.

Magic Penetration Limit ML

Magic Penetration Limit Mobile Legends
Magic Penetration Limit Mobile Legends |

After knowing what Magic Pene is, of course you as a Mobile Legends player must want to know how much is the maximum limit of Magic Penetration that we can get? Here are the Magic Pene items in Mobile Legends:

  • Arcane Boots: + 12 magical pen
  • Divine Glaive: + 40% magical pen
  • Genius Wand: +12 magical pen
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So the Magic Penetration ML item is divided into 2, the first is increasing based on numbers and the second is increasing based on percent (%). For example, if you use a level 60 mage emblem, Arcane Boots and Genius Wand will produce +37.5 Magic Pene. Meanwhile, if you use the percent (%) item, the maximum addition is only 40%.

Even though you use the same item in large quantities, the Magic Pene attribute will not exceed the maximum limit, Moonton does this to maintain the stability of the game.

This is a complete explanation of what Magic Penetration is in Mobile Legends. After reading this article, do you think the explanation we shared can answer your questions? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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