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Moana 2 Movie Trailer Shows Moana’s New Adventure

The first trailer for Moana 2 shows the new adventures of mOana and Maui on a mysterious desert island.

Animation studio Disney Animation has officially released the first trailer for the sequel to the animated film Moana titled Moana 2: Maui.

The announcement of the Moana 2 film project was made by Disney in February last year. This movie is actually not a movie made from scratch, but rather a series of episodes from the Moana series that aired on Disney+, which they then turned into a movie.

Moana 2 trailer shows Moana’s adventure on a mysterious island

This Trailer debuted as an attempt to promote the movie, giving an idea of what to expect in the sequel. According to information, Moana 2: Maui will chronicle the main character’s journey to a deserted island.

There, she will face new dangers that she has never faced before. However, Moana still has Maui’s loyal presence to accompany her on this new adventure.

In the new Moana 2 trailer, there are new threats emerging such as Moana’s fight with a glowing whale shark. She will also explore ancient places she has never been to before.

Interestingly, apart from Moana and Maui, some members of her group will also join their adventure. In the first movie, we saw Moana successfully restore peace to the ocean by returning Te Fiti’s heart.

Show more unique and different stories


After the first movie taught the importance of not letting the past affect the future, this second movie will likely offer a unique story with a different story idea.

Given that this latest adventure will take Moana and her friends to a new place, it will be interesting to see how exciting their new adventure will be.

Auli’i Cravalho will be returning as the voice of Moana, and Dwayne Johnson will be voicing Maui. With these two stars reunited, their adventures will not only be new but also highly entertaining.

As we know, Dwayne Johnson will be playing Maui in the live-action version of Moana that will be released in 2026. Let’s wait for the latest news from this project in the future.

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