7 Best 2022 World Cup Streaming Apps to Use

The 2022 World Cup Streaming Application is currently so much sought after by many people, especially football fans. This is because currently the grandest football tournament is taking place, the 2022 World Cup held in Qatar.

The 2022 World Cup will be held in November – December 2022. In these two months, football lovers will witness a grand match between the world’s best national teams. Of course, it would be a great loss if you missed a single match from this 2022 World Cup.

Therefore, in this discussion, Dafunda will discuss the best 2022 World Cup streaming applications that you can use. Come on, let’s see the discussion below.

World Cup Streaming Apps

Aplikasi Streaming Piala Dunia 2022
2022 World Cup Streaming App

In this discussion, we will provide 7 recommendations for streaming applications that can be your mainstay to watch the 2022 World Cup. The following is the review:

1. Mola TV

The first app that you can rely on to watch the 2022 World Cup is Mola TV. Mola TV is one application that provides football streaming services, including the World Cup. The Mola TV application is an official and legal application, so you don’t need to worry when using it.

2. SuperSports

The second is an app called SuperSports. Just like Mola TV, SuperSports is one of the legal apps. SuperSports provides all the football highlights from the world’s best leagues, including the World Cup. Get high quality streaming and enjoy all the matches of your favourite teams.

3. Vidio | 2022 World Cup Streaming App

The next 2022 World Cup streaming application is Vidio. Vidio is the official broadcaster for the Qatar 2022 World Cup in Indonesia. This platform is under the control of Emtek Group (SCTV and Indoiar). Since the last few years, Vidio has been a consistent platform to provide both domestic and international football broadcasts. is the official address of the platform that you can access either on PC or mobile. The way to watch the 2022 World Cup using this application is so easy, you only need to access it through browser applications such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

However, before you can use this platform, you are required to register first. After that, you can watch all the football matches in full. If you want to use all the features on this platform, you can purchase a premium account.

4. MAXStream

MAXStream is an application under the company PT Telekomunikasi Seluler. We highly recommend you to use MAXStream as your 2022 World Cup streaming app. The good news is, you can access this application both for free and paid.

For streaming quality, you will get the best streaming quality with high resolution that is ready to make you comfortable in watching every World Cup match.

5. Live Soccer TV

The next app that we recommend using for you as a 2022 World Cup streaming app is Live Soccer TV. As the name implies, this application is specifically provided to watch various best football shows. Not only streaming, Live Soccer TV also provides the latest news and info about football.

So, you need to bother looking for the 2022 World Cup live streaming link. Simply by opening the Live Soccer TV app or website, you can watch your favourite team play.

6. beIN Sports Connect | 2022 World Cup Streaming App

Who doesn’t know the television channel called beIN Sports? This channel has long been famous for its various football and other sports shows. beIN Sports Connect is a streaming service that is provided to viewers. The service can be accessed both through browsers and apps.

The beIN Sports Connect service is a paid service, so you need to subscribe every month. The cost you incur is equivalent to the service you get. Therefore, we highly recommend the 2022 World Cup streaming app.

7. Star Times On-Live

The last one is an app called Star Times On-Live. This app is so famous because it provides a very complete sports streaming service. Apart from the app, you can access Star Times On-Live through the website. Well, in it, you can watch the 2022 World Cup stream.

Akhir Kata

That’s the discussion about the 7 best 2022 World Cup streaming apps to use. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda so you don’t miss other interesting information about Technology from us.

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