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How to Customize Characters in Among Us

Among Us, a fun multiplayers game for us to play with friends. We will use the character like an astronaut. We can customize or change this character according to our own wishes.

However, many players do not know about it. That’s why Dafunda Game will share tips or ways to customize Among Us game characters.

By customizing your character, you can make a difference between your own character and someone else’s. Not only that, the game will look more exciting and exciting.

You can add many items to your character. For example, by adding pets, skins, colors, and other interesting items. The point is that you can make your character as interesting as possible. But, sometimes for skins, pets, and hats these items are still locked. To unlock it you can use Among Us game cheats.

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How to Customize Characters Among US

Time required: 10 minutes.

Now, to customize Among Us characters, you can follow the steps we have provided. Take it slow, don’t be too hasty.

  1. Open Games Among Us

    First, you need to open the Among Us game on your respective mobile phones.20200923 125040

  2. Go to Online Menu

    After that, click on the Online menu.20200923 125200

  3. Create Room

    Next you need to create a Room by tapping Host or Create Game. You can select the desired place and then click Confirm.20200923 125312

  4. Press the Customize Button

    After you have created a room, you need to approach a Laptop contained in the room you created. And press customize in the bottom right corner.20200923 125326

  5. Customize your character

    The last step, you only need to set the appearance of your Among Us character as you like. Cara Customize Karakter Among Us

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Final Word

Well, that was about how to change the appearance or customize the character Among Us. Easy isn’t it? if you fail, please repeat the steps. With this, your character will look more interesting and unique.

Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda Game to get other interesting tips about Game Among Us.

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