3 Reasons Why Player Hate Estes in Mobile Legends

Estes is one of the support heroes that was not so popular at first, now it is a hero that is in demand by many people. The reason why Estes became a popular hero was because of her performance in M4 Mobile Legends. Because the users of this hero are increasing, so many players are annoyed with Estes. Therefore, this time we will discuss the reasons why player hate Estes in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games. In the game, there are several heroes with different roles and Estes is a hero with a support role whose job is to help teammates.

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Reasons Why Player Hate Estes in Mobile Legends

So why is this one hero support hated by many players? Here’s the full discussion below.

1. Estes’ Heal Skill is Very Useful

Estes' Heal Skill is Very Useful
Estes‘ Heal Skill is Very Useful | Moonton

The first reason why many hate Estes is because of Estes’ annoying heal skill. As a support, Estes is equipped with skills that can help his team to victory and his Ultimate skill can regenerate teammates’ HP very quickly.

Now from this alone we can guess that Estes’ Ultimate skill is very useful, especially when war is happening. Hero Tank can lure opponents, so that opponents focus on attacking Tanks, and Estes can focus on regenerating Tank HP while the rest can fight to finish off opponents.

2. Hard to Die

Hard to Die
Hard to Die | Moonton

The next reason why many hate Estes is because the hero is difficult to die. Of course, this only applies to players who really understand the mechanics of Estes and know very well about what items to use.

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By using the right items and positioning Estes in the right position, of course, opponents will find it difficult to finish off this one hero. With these reasons, of course, it is quite natural that many top rank players hate Estes.

3. Very Easy Gameplay

Very Easy Gameplay
Very Easy Gameplay| Moonton

The next reason why many don’t like Estes is because of its easy gameplay. As a support hero, the main task of Estes is to help teammates so that they can get a lot of kills and win the match.

This support hero is not required to have great damage or many kills, they only need to help teammates and not die often. Because the gameplay is easy, and Estes is always behind, so it is natural that Estes is a recommended hero for beginners.

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These are some of the reasons why many player hate Estes Mobile Legends. After reading this article, do you agree that Estes is overpowered and also annoying? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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